Cinematic, Eccentric, Daring, and Imaginative Style.

Neda Dion is a Wardrobe, Prop and Set Stylist who works seamlessly between New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Following a formal education in fashion design, Neda's personal and invigorating approach to styling has been tailored during cultural exploits living and working in New York, San Francisco and Madrid. Her work has landed her full-time positions as photo-stylist at Soma Magazine, Art Direction roles for fashion shoots for Genlux Magazine and the title of Creative Director & Co-Founder of Half Pretties, a refined collection of Intimate Apparel.

Known for her exacting attention to detail that fully captures the intention of her client’s project, Neda creates and sculptures style that blends overt whimsy and subtle beauty to elicit an emotional resonance – and with it solidifies the clients’ message to the audience.

Whether designing wardrobes that paint an alluring picture, or propping a set to both understate and overpower, Neda uses daring, cinematic and eccentric flair to typify and differentiate any campaign message.

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